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we7 Radio Plus is a completely FREE music app for anyone who loves music! It is currently in beta release so if you have any feedback please email us at The app uses our millions of available tracks to play and create radio stations based on the music you love:

- Choose one of our Themed stations to find out whats hot or pick a style of music you enjoy

- Create your own stations from any genre, artist or theme you like

- Play a station based on the songs you love - you can love songs in the app or at our website

Going out and about? No problem you can save stations to listen to when there is no network available and play them in the car, on a train or tube or anywhere you choose. This app reinforces the mobile's position as the device of choice for listening to music.

You can upgrade to our Premium+ service at any time to get access to our on-demand service where you can search for songs, albums, artist and playlists you like and choose what to play....whenever and wherever you want.

To get started follow these four simple steps to get the most from your new app:

Step one Choose the we7 Radio Plus application

Connect your mobile phone to a Wi-Fi connection and search for we7 Radio Plus on the Android Market. Install the app and while you have a Wi-Fi connection charge your mobile with music.

Step two Sign in or Sign up

The very first time you will be asked for your we7 username and password. If you are already a we7 user, just enter your username and password as normal and proceed to step three. If this is the first time you've used we7 then you need to create an account. Choose not got an account? Now enter the details requested this will take you about 30 seconds. You are now ready to use we7.

Note: You will have to authenticate your account by responding to the email sent to you. If you don't do this we7 Radio Plus will not let you log in the next time you start the app.

Step three - Charge your mobile with music

Now you can either pick a station from we7's own Themed stations under the Stations tab or Create New. If you Create New then simply enter the name of an artist, genre or mood into the search field. You will then be presented with a list based upon the search you made. Choose the music that you want and it will start playing.

Congratulations! You are now using we7 Radio Plus. However, to get the best from we7 we still need to charge your mobile with music so you can listen anywhere. Here's how...If this is your first time, then you will be asked do you want to enable station to play when no Wi-Fi is available? We recommend that you choose Always do this and Yes. This will charge your mobile with music and ensure your personal radio station is ready anytime you want to listen. The longer you leave it charging, the more personal music will be available to you.

Note: Some mobiles will stop the Wi-Fi connection after 15-20mins. If this happens, go to the Stations tab, then Saved and press the Update station content now button.

Step four Keep the music playing

Once you have charged your mobile with one music station, repeat step three to charge it with up to 10 preset stations. Note: We recommend that while you are charging your mobile with music, you stop the radio playing the first time you do this. This is to ensure you phone gets charged as quickly as possible. At some point you will be asked whether you want to use your Wi-Fi connection to update your saved stations. We would recommend this, so tick the box Always do this? and press Yes. Now, whenever you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection we7 Radio Plus will charge and update your personal radio stations making them available wherever and whenever you want to listen to them.

That's it, you're ready to go. If you have any further questions please email us at

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